talk to your kids.. please..
April 26, 2006, 7:09 pm
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After reading the article for this week, I agree with the different points that were made, I think that protecting children on the Internet is important, but it cannot be left up to one person or one way to solve the problem. The interaction of both partents, and government regulations should provide a more effective way with dealing with this issue. Parents talking to thier children about what they are looking for when they are online and what they might expect when they are searching the internet is very important to the safety of the child. No parent would leave their seven year old alone in New York City telling them feel free to look and go where you please, the inthernet is the same thing. It’s a world within itself. There is no knowing what you will experience when you get out there.
The website for this week on website regulations I think is a great idea, why not use them its not taking away from who is looking at the information its just informing the viewer of what they are about to see. This works with movies, nobody is saying that kids don’t get into R rated films, but if they do they know there are consequense to their actions. This fear of what will happen if the parents find out that might keep some kids from being on these type of sites to start with. The more parental interaction the more kids will know, if I could openly talk to my parents about a topic why would I sneak and look it up knowing that I might get into trouble. If your parents are open to talking about things why would you need to go to these sites.


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