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April 19, 2006, 11:19 am
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{ http://blacknbluebamboo.blogspot.com/ } Is one of the blogs that I went on looking for what other write about sex online. This is a sex site but what I found interesting was not the content, which it is a fetish site talks about all the different things that each person does but what comments are made. To me the comments that were made by others made this really like a little community that we talked about in class. These people are sharing things with others that normally you wouldn’t. In turn each comment is welcoming and they talk like they know each other, they is no judgment about what each is doing, they are supportive and offer advice to each other to make their sexual adventures more exciting and better! There were other sites that I visited that seemed to be more of a joke, just posting pictures and having other make lewd comments on what was seen, but this site seemed to be more real and the people talked like they knew each other. Discussions were open and detailed but in some was respected of not pressing for more, or making it seem dirty. I guess after seeing this site I better understand that sexual fetishes are not harmful and I better understand what was being talked about when Internet communities can be built on common interests unlike in every day life.


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