Mr. Lucas Questions…
April 19, 2006, 10:45 am
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In the article Mr. Lucas talks about “gay porn serves as a necessary outlet” for fantasy. But in the same article he talks about how there is no healthy gay media, and on the blog he talks many times about gay media and hypocrisy. So I guess I would have to question why gay porno is the way to express their fantasies? Unless he is only talking about the entertainment in which is he is producing? But much like straight porn he is just one site that is good and positive and many more that are negative. Supporting that porno should be used as an outlet, can it still be done looking at gay pornography as a whole?

On the blog there are many entries that involve the Danish cartoons and the Muslim violence, and many of the comments that are made are opinions of Mr. Lucas. This semester I took Terror and Terrorism at UB and we talked with much detail about these cartoons, and in combination with this class these entries are a little irratating.
Understandably everyone has their own opinions and that’s great, but when Mr. Lucas talks about how the muslims should not stand up for that they believe in and the violence that is caused because someone disrepected them I this is hypocritical. If Muslims should sit back and go main stream and not react to these comments, then my should homosexuals not set back and not fight for their cause? If anything means that much to you, you will fight for it, how can you not? I guess my question would be how can you justify this? The cause are different, but both are groups that are oppressed in ways that they should be free, should be able to express themselves without having judgement against them? How can this be correct for one but not for the other?


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