I showed her my #### and went to jail…
April 19, 2006, 2:01 pm
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After reading this week, and searching the net, and watching lectures I still have a question about child pornography. Is it still child pornography if two six year old are exchanging pictures or dirty talk on the internet? Other can get at this material, and neither one is sure the other is six years old, would this be porno? Or what if 6 year olds have sex, not porno? But if it was taped and sold would it be porn? Is this because there are adults that are involved? I am unsure about where the line would be crossed here, are they experimental children or are they unknowingly commiting a crime? Now days with children having open use to the Internet and they are very smart at using the different features on computers children can easily make videos and send them online, and who knows what little kids can get into when they are in the ages where they don’t understand how things work, or just interested in what others look like?


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