I wanna be a kid for just a little bit longer…
April 14, 2006, 7:34 pm
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In the article that was assigned as reading this week, there was an excerpt from the James Gleick article that talks about obscenity being what isn’t liked by the community, using rules from the Miller Test, but not in the idea of Internet Porn. He talked about violence and guns and when average community people are reading magazines and newspapers things that are being reported can also be seen as obscene, but that is allowed. I think information and the way that may violent crimes get so much attention makes people become copy cats and repeat the offense. Addressing this is as important as addressing the illegal issues of child pornography. The article talks about how to stop child pornography, as does the congressional hearing where the senators talk about the Bluebook or book of child pornography which is the described as the most disturbing and messed up things that looked more like child abuse. The Congressional hearing seems optimistic about having enough funding and ways to attack the war on child pornography. The main thing that seemed to be problematic for stopping child from seeing porno on the Internet and Internet porno is that many times it is made overseas.
Many of the pornography services are offered from overseas and without treaties with other countries there is no way to stop or tame these actions. The Congressional hearing talks about overseas treaties that are being worked on to curb child pornography. There are many different issues that have to be addressed in order to lessen the ways that pornography is available. There is no way of banning pornography without killing the Internet as talked about in this weeks reading, but there are ways of safe guarding against children being able to get a hold of these material. There must be better regulations and controls other than trust that only adults are entering the sites.
All these different things need to be addressed to save and protect the rights of adults all the while protecting the innocence and specialness of childhood that should not be taken away from children through the Internet and pornography.


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