oops. Don’t take away my rights…
April 10, 2006, 6:27 pm
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Limitation of my rights is not what I want. I don’t think that first amendment rights should be compromised because of free expression. Are there people getting hurt because of the display? If so there should be legal action against that, for example rape in pornography, why not forget about attacking that it is pornography and look at it as a violent crime. Art that has naked people in it, or sexual thought can’t harm people. Paintings don’t have sex or rape each other. Maybe I would be more understanding as to why all these laws and rules against obsenity weren’t so vague. Anything can be obscene, I was thinking about that when writing this blog, we are all obscene just for writing about sexual topics and taking a class that talks about porn. We live in a nation that is aging and the standards of many different communities would be against this class. I know i am from a small town and this class would raise hell and high water because of the content, should I not engage in this activity because those are the community standards that I still live with? Miller would save this class I guess by using the SLAPS test to say that there is meaning that we are getting out of taking this class therefore we should not be considered to obscene.
Variable obsenity doesn’t make sense just because children can’t watch it or engage in it as an adult I can’t. In our culture when turning 18 may people go out and buy pornography just because they legally can. My brother just turned 18 and this was a big thing for him and his friends, not so much for the porn but because this allowed them to embrace becoming more of an adult. Society has placed such a bad spin of porn that even out rights are being challenged, In cultures that are more open about nudity and sexuality, I bet there aren’t as many issues, their children aren’t damaged maybe society is the problem.


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