I might be naive, but….
March 30, 2006, 4:56 pm
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In this weeks lectures interactivity of sex on the Internet and what is sex, now days are questions that need to be redefined. These are questions that might have had definitive answers in the past but now are in a gray area because of the change that has occurred in social values and in technology. The interactivity of new technologies on the Internet are allowing people to have relations that do not stay within the standards of what used to be. I think that pornography is already interactive. There are web chats and other interactions that communication with other humans is going on in real time. Questions of this real time interaction brings up points in later lectures on is this cheating? I think that it is, understanding that emotional and physical connections make a relationship, so if you are sharing your personal fantasies and thoughts with another person your lover is missing out. If the satisfaction is coming from another source what is the purpose of your partner?
Lecture 23 and the different ways in which Kellogg thought were useful and preventive ways to keep people from masturbating are horrible.
The changing thoughts about sex are still too much for some groups, the feminist that are talked about in lecture, believe firmly that pornography causes men to rape. I personally don’t agree, for starters based on the fact that every man that watches and even enjoys aggressive sex, pornography that depicts rape of violence against women, are not going to turn around and commit similar crimes against women. There has to be more that leads to rape and violence against women, for sure these violent attacks on women are not healthy, but they can’t be the leading cause for violence. Is rape really so common that like the Morgan article talks about that it happens so many people. If rape is so common than why don’t we have more education on it in school, or through the media? Maybe I am the one who is uneducated about it, or being to naive thinking that it is not happening to every female I know.


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