Practice makes perfect, so every male is a rapist…
March 29, 2006, 12:38 am
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In rebuttal to the Morgan article in the defense of men rape might be the practice but everyone isn’t going up to bat. This article is very biased against men. Naturally I would have taken a role in supporting parts of the argument that Robin Morgan has made, but to justify the opposition is to understand that this auricle is man hating. After I read it I had the feeling that all women are raped and that all men rape. The facts that she gives like that the marriage bed is where many rapes occur just because the woman doesn’t want to, makes it feel that rape happens all the time. I think this is wrong to portray it this way because the more common rape is the more that people are desensitized by it. If rape is an everyday occurance and everyone is raped, people are not going to listen to it any more than you telling about your walk to the mailbox. Rape is violence, the article started talking about the many ways that women are raped, the ways that she cannot defend herself and the thoughts that she is unable to do anything about it. No where is there talk about the women who survived attacks and attempted rapes are living productive lives. Women’s lives seem to revolve around when its there turn to get raped and who will do it.
The idea that pornography leads to these rapes is bogus. The numbers alone will show that not every man who watches pornography and sees rapes are all going to go out and commit the crime. The idea that pornography is viewed on a daily or many times a day becomes as much a part of the man’s life as the fear of who is going to rape me is to the female. Morgan throughout the article justifies both these acts I feel as if there are daily habits of both men and women. They have loss their elements of cause and effect and now just happened all the time. Commonality has loss fear element for the males because if every other male is raping their wives and coworkers what is the likely hood that they are going to get caught or even thought down on because they do it. Ideas that women are so much the victim in ways that are portrayed in articles like this to me are just giving men more power, rather than instill any fear on them.
As for the women who acted out and took pictures of the men in the porn stores, I don’t feel that made any impact other than to embarrass a couple of men. The other men in the community are just going to be thankful it wasn’t them, and contiue to rape because there once again is bigger news that what is going on in their bed.
The idea of females having power and standing up for themselves in a sense that they want to not be seen as the victims of this crime is a way that should be looked into, the more power women have the more they can stand up to men.


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