What about the women?
March 25, 2006, 12:05 pm
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If you watched violent porn then you will harm women. It cannot be proven but many beleive that this could happen. The common arguments that pornography is bad are lead by statements that pornography causes hate and harm especially to women. I don’t believe that this is true. Watching porno, violent or not, isn’t going to make you want to harm women. Looking at how many people watch pornography over the course of their lifetime, and how many actual rapes actually occur might show that only a small number are related. This study would already have problems because there is no way to tract how many people watch porn over a life time, and there is problems because so many rapes are not turned in.
Since the idea is that men are found to want to cause more harm to wome because of these violent pornographic films are women who watch these made to think that what these men are doing is more acceptable. Is that a reason that many women don’t turn in acts of rape? Are the men that feel these negative ideas after watching violent pornography similar in age to the actors in the movie? If a young man watches porn and can relate to the men in the film, is he more likely to be negatively influenced than a older man who watches it and knows that he is not in the same physical shape and health as the man commiting the crime. Does the old man have less chance of feeling negative because he views the films as just films and not fantasizing himself in the film like the younger man could do more easily?

I really think that there is no way to truely understand if pornograph causes people to be harmful to others. The mindset of the person before the criminal act would have to be determined and there would have to be understanding if there was premeditative thoughts before any pornography was involved, to prove if it was the porno or not.


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[…] This blog from mightymo brought up a very good point.  He is discussing how many people question whether pornography is responsible for men being harmful to their women or not.  He feels that it is dependent on the man and any past experiences he may have had.  That is true but I personally think that pornography can not have any real psychological effect on a mans mind as far as  being harmful to woman.  If a man is seeking out pornography of woman being forced to do things, or being chocked, or deep throat-ed until they gag, then he already has a fetish for that material.  The pornography did not make him want to choke a woman, he already had those feelings prior to viewing the material. […]

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