The devil made me do it…
March 25, 2006, 12:02 pm
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After reading the article by Fisher and Barak, I feel a little confused on the understanding that researchers have on pornography. The researchers use many different situations that involve media pornography with the different thoughts and behaviors of the people in the studies. From this the researchers anazlyze what the differences are between the effects of one kind of media such as pornography, and how the participants feel on different issues, like the roles of women. In all the studies that are done i just felt that they were repeats of each other, which was confusing becuase there were different results based on who did the study.
How can there be a researched consensous of how people feel about women and the myth of rape, if the studies are done with all young men, they are not representive of people in society. This is especially true when the researchers talk about background information involving behaviors from porno. Older people will bring more to what they like and what they feel based on different situations, so their reaction to pornography is going to be different. How can these studies be accuate if they are always in the lab, in real life situations there might me more than just the pornography influencing the reason for such negativity against women. I think there should be a study done of men that have commited sex crimes, asking then if before they commited the attack at what age they had first watched porn. The growth of sexual ideas along with violent porn makes more sense to me that if grown men just started to watch porn with premade sexual identies.
The studies are confusing because there are so many differnt reasons for what seems to be the same set studied.


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