Yes we talk dirty….
March 8, 2006, 1:19 pm
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As for watching lectures with other I tend not to watch them with anyone else just because of time and work, but my roommate who is also in this class and I talk about what is going on in lecture all the time. We are constantly asking other who are not in this class and don’t have the same background information about what goes on in the porn industry what they think about topics. We even ask out parents if they have seen things or hear of things, like if they saw Deep Throat when it came out. My other friends are also in this class and we do talk about what goes on in lecture especially things that we never heard of or that we were taken back about. There have been some topics that are heated and different views and ideas on the issue were firmly taken by all sides. Since there really is no right or wrong answer we just had to drop the topic. But I think that this extra interaction helps understand the course especially on things that I don’t know or have never heard of.


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[…] As a generation I can assume that we have pretty much accepted the pornography industry. I assume this because sex and pornography has become a subject that we have become comfortable seeing, speaking and acting. Unlike the students from  this post, I do speak about this class to many of my friends. They all find it an extremely interesting topic to learn about and it fits into daily conversations very well. The topic of pornography and sex has been brought up more times than I can count since I came to college. It was a subject that I had very limited exposure to before college, but in four years it has become a subject that barely creates a reaction anymore, in certain forms.  […]

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I don’t get it, I talk to my friend too, why are you unlike me when we both talk to our freinds openly about sex.

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