Sent to the ER for trying new positions
March 8, 2006, 1:18 pm
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Lecture 17 on sexual inculturation I thought was very interesting. The talk about children and how young there are when they first saw pornography is something that I never really thought about. After watching this I asked my friends about how old there were and some were like 8-9 years old. The females were older, but still not by much. And to think about kids now days and they are on the Internet at such younger ages makes me very concerned about the effects of this. This issue I see is that kids are watching adults perform these acts, but are they really seeing that older people are doing it or are they just watching the actions? What if kids see child pornography, they might think that it is ok for them to do it because other kids their age are doing it. Kids watching porn has many issues that are negative, especially young kids who do not know what they are seeing, and the consequences of the actions. The idea that sex sells because people are drawn to it I think is very true even at young ages the curiosity of what things look like in comparison to yours is justification that we are “normal” and children along with adults are looking for that. Porn as education information can be very dangerous, real sex and porn aren’t the same thing and if young kids think this might be more harmful than good. Lecture 18 talks about modeling what you see in porn which can be a good or bad thing given the situation. It can be good you might learn something that you really learn to like. But it can also be bad if you don’t realize that porn is made to be at the edge and it does risky things that people shouldn’t just go home and try. People who are making the porn that is their job this is what overtime they have trained to do, that added experience helps them do things that everyday people shouldn’t try. This is why a large number of people go to the emergency room each year for injuries related to sex, like hurting their back trying new moves! Lecture 16 was about the industry and how porn sells. The porn + ____ to sell things online and in stores goes back to the issue that people are biologically drawn to nakedness and sexuality in this society. Things that taboo draw attention and therefore make people remember the product. I idea that why we can how the industry makes money being import to see how people are engaging in what they are interested in. As usually these issues effects no only the porn industry but all technologies as well.


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