Needed:retirement center for pornstars…
March 2, 2006, 3:04 pm
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This lecture takes about distribution of pornography. Talking about how in years past the selling porn through mail order was actually unsecured. This has better with time and improvements in technology. This also led to stores in the malls that sell sex items, mainly toys and clothes, people like to see what they are buying. Other ways to make money on the web are buying and selling domain sites that have already been used. If you buy a used site you already have traffic to your site. Therefore when you ad banners and other moneymaking items go up on your site that you already have clients established to the address. Another way to generate cash would be to come up with a niche that has not been exploited yet. The more people that you can contact then the bigger your client base will be. Niches that are larger effect more people, but newer ones might be the only one of that kind so they will be forced to go and visit your site. Also was what happens to porn stars when they are done with the business. The lecture talks about how hard it is to go mainstream and make money. You really can’t have a normal life after being a well too do porn star, and you have no 401K to retire early with so what are you to do? No one really talks about this aspect of the business that affects all of its personnel. Big names like are just barely doing it, so these lesser names must have a really hard time.


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