How much is that lady in the window…?
March 2, 2006, 3:02 pm
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Sex slavery is amazing. How else can it be described, ummh yeah disturbing. After watching the lecture and getting to know more about the ideas sex slavery and how it works, was nothing until I saw the Frontline story. How can this occur so often? These women know what is going on. They are placing themselves and their families at risks that are not necessary. After watching how easy it was to video this sex slavery in Odessa, with the help of “Olga” I was complete amazed and astonished at the way this works. The way that the women are treated is horrible; the acts that are done to get the women into these situations are gross. The whole thing is wrong. But why does it occur so often. What makes the women knowingly get into these kinds of things? The example of the woman who did it for a couple hundred dollars to help her brother is beyond me. The lives of these women are wrecked because of what happens while they are slaves. The abuse that occurs is harmful to the ways that these women will deal with everything in life. Why types of things can be done to stop this? In Turkey is the government benefiting from this, is this why it is acceptable there? What I don’t understand is the women have to know that this can’t be a good thing, if they are they poor, how can someone just offer them the ability to get money? Do they think its like winning the lotto, its there lucky day… they have to know that something is fishy. I think that one of the most disturbing aspects is that women sold other women! That really bothered be, maybe I am just naive about human compassion.


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