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March 2, 2006, 4:48 pm
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In lecture 13 BubbL25 blogged about the problems that are in the pornography business. Starting with the fact that men are seldom in the business because if they can’t perform physically then they are no good. Also talked about are the toys that are now made such as models of vagina of real people, and a doll that you can have sex with all for the pleasure of the person who bought it. Continuing with the issue of the few that get into porn, how do they when they want to leave the business get out of it? Can they transfer to a “normal” job afterwards? And what about telling family and children that you once stared in a porn film? Are these repercussions worth it? Also touched on in this blog is the use of drugs and what people would do for some money, porno deals with both.

I agree with the many statements made by BubbL25. I don’t know how anyone could go to a regular office type job after being in these films. And what I would do if I had to tell my family or children if I was every in a film, I don’t know. I’m to logical to think of ever being in this situation, so to me and it seems to you also completely mind-blowing.


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