Dollar bills for cheap thrills…
March 2, 2006, 3:06 pm
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Lecture 15 talks about the money that is made by people other than porn stars within the business. The Internet pornography industry is more than just the stars; it’s about the advertising and the money that is made through banners and other pay sites. Taking about how much money it takes if you wanted to set up your own porn site, and the different things that you need and can add to help you get money from the advertisements. Another way to draw traffic to your site is by using names that are related to sex, so when searched you come up first on the list. If you can accomplish this first you are golden. This is very hard to do, because people have related just about everything to sex in some way. A lot of this lecture was on information about banner ads, outside advertising, and now these both work to make money. Not many people in porn can just start a site costing like $30,000 and just hope that it makes it. Even amateur sites that are made at a sixth of the cost will not make that in revenue without using things like conversions, where people have to pay for the site and click on the banner in order to make money. This is different than blind links where people don’t know where they are going when they click on the link, or on click through links where they actually want to be on that site yet they aren’t going to pay to get into the site. These things all lead to vertical integration of content, hosting, and advertising the direction the porn business wants to move in.


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