I might be naive, but….
March 30, 2006, 4:56 pm
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In this weeks lectures interactivity of sex on the Internet and what is sex, now days are questions that need to be redefined. These are questions that might have had definitive answers in the past but now are in a gray area because of the change that has occurred in social values and in technology. The interactivity of new technologies on the Internet are allowing people to have relations that do not stay within the standards of what used to be. I think that pornography is already interactive. There are web chats and other interactions that communication with other humans is going on in real time. Questions of this real time interaction brings up points in later lectures on is this cheating? I think that it is, understanding that emotional and physical connections make a relationship, so if you are sharing your personal fantasies and thoughts with another person your lover is missing out. If the satisfaction is coming from another source what is the purpose of your partner?
Lecture 23 and the different ways in which Kellogg thought were useful and preventive ways to keep people from masturbating are horrible.
The changing thoughts about sex are still too much for some groups, the feminist that are talked about in lecture, believe firmly that pornography causes men to rape. I personally don’t agree, for starters based on the fact that every man that watches and even enjoys aggressive sex, pornography that depicts rape of violence against women, are not going to turn around and commit similar crimes against women. There has to be more that leads to rape and violence against women, for sure these violent attacks on women are not healthy, but they can’t be the leading cause for violence. Is rape really so common that like the Morgan article talks about that it happens so many people. If rape is so common than why don’t we have more education on it in school, or through the media? Maybe I am the one who is uneducated about it, or being to naive thinking that it is not happening to every female I know.


Practice makes perfect, so every male is a rapist…
March 29, 2006, 12:38 am
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In rebuttal to the Morgan article in the defense of men rape might be the practice but everyone isn’t going up to bat. This article is very biased against men. Naturally I would have taken a role in supporting parts of the argument that Robin Morgan has made, but to justify the opposition is to understand that this auricle is man hating. After I read it I had the feeling that all women are raped and that all men rape. The facts that she gives like that the marriage bed is where many rapes occur just because the woman doesn’t want to, makes it feel that rape happens all the time. I think this is wrong to portray it this way because the more common rape is the more that people are desensitized by it. If rape is an everyday occurance and everyone is raped, people are not going to listen to it any more than you telling about your walk to the mailbox. Rape is violence, the article started talking about the many ways that women are raped, the ways that she cannot defend herself and the thoughts that she is unable to do anything about it. No where is there talk about the women who survived attacks and attempted rapes are living productive lives. Women’s lives seem to revolve around when its there turn to get raped and who will do it.
The idea that pornography leads to these rapes is bogus. The numbers alone will show that not every man who watches pornography and sees rapes are all going to go out and commit the crime. The idea that pornography is viewed on a daily or many times a day becomes as much a part of the man’s life as the fear of who is going to rape me is to the female. Morgan throughout the article justifies both these acts I feel as if there are daily habits of both men and women. They have loss their elements of cause and effect and now just happened all the time. Commonality has loss fear element for the males because if every other male is raping their wives and coworkers what is the likely hood that they are going to get caught or even thought down on because they do it. Ideas that women are so much the victim in ways that are portrayed in articles like this to me are just giving men more power, rather than instill any fear on them.
As for the women who acted out and took pictures of the men in the porn stores, I don’t feel that made any impact other than to embarrass a couple of men. The other men in the community are just going to be thankful it wasn’t them, and contiue to rape because there once again is bigger news that what is going on in their bed.
The idea of females having power and standing up for themselves in a sense that they want to not be seen as the victims of this crime is a way that should be looked into, the more power women have the more they can stand up to men.

Your choice to act out…
March 26, 2006, 11:29 am
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Lecture 21 especially talked about pornography and its other uses in society. There are powerfull effects of this material on the lives of many both who want to use it and those who do not.
Media dives into pornography and exposes mainstream pornography to the world with the use of advertisements and pop-ups on Internet viewing. Pornography as a media also allows people who want to watch porno for fun to do that. Socializing about new sex thinngs and what sexual things were on tv or commericals also for more open talking and a relaxation of some of socieities harshes taboos. Pornography will never be excepted by all. There will always be someone or some group that is against pornography because of their beliefs. Religious fundamentalist of many differnt religions are against pornography because it takes away from one’s purity.The XXXChruch in the lecture is against pornography because it is secretive and people are going against ways of the church.

I think that now days people should be able to choose what they want to watch and if there is a business producing this media that is taboo, if there are viewers then there should be production. With cable TV having over 400 channels, there is no reason that you can’t block the ones that are labeled with explicit material. Why can’t porno be labeled, it is and the industry really doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. If you are offened by it just block it out of your house, and don’t worry about what others are doing.

What about the women?
March 25, 2006, 12:05 pm
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If you watched violent porn then you will harm women. It cannot be proven but many beleive that this could happen. The common arguments that pornography is bad are lead by statements that pornography causes hate and harm especially to women. I don’t believe that this is true. Watching porno, violent or not, isn’t going to make you want to harm women. Looking at how many people watch pornography over the course of their lifetime, and how many actual rapes actually occur might show that only a small number are related. This study would already have problems because there is no way to tract how many people watch porn over a life time, and there is problems because so many rapes are not turned in.
Since the idea is that men are found to want to cause more harm to wome because of these violent pornographic films are women who watch these made to think that what these men are doing is more acceptable. Is that a reason that many women don’t turn in acts of rape? Are the men that feel these negative ideas after watching violent pornography similar in age to the actors in the movie? If a young man watches porn and can relate to the men in the film, is he more likely to be negatively influenced than a older man who watches it and knows that he is not in the same physical shape and health as the man commiting the crime. Does the old man have less chance of feeling negative because he views the films as just films and not fantasizing himself in the film like the younger man could do more easily?

I really think that there is no way to truely understand if pornograph causes people to be harmful to others. The mindset of the person before the criminal act would have to be determined and there would have to be understanding if there was premeditative thoughts before any pornography was involved, to prove if it was the porno or not.

The devil made me do it…
March 25, 2006, 12:02 pm
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After reading the article by Fisher and Barak, I feel a little confused on the understanding that researchers have on pornography. The researchers use many different situations that involve media pornography with the different thoughts and behaviors of the people in the studies. From this the researchers anazlyze what the differences are between the effects of one kind of media such as pornography, and how the participants feel on different issues, like the roles of women. In all the studies that are done i just felt that they were repeats of each other, which was confusing becuase there were different results based on who did the study.
How can there be a researched consensous of how people feel about women and the myth of rape, if the studies are done with all young men, they are not representive of people in society. This is especially true when the researchers talk about background information involving behaviors from porno. Older people will bring more to what they like and what they feel based on different situations, so their reaction to pornography is going to be different. How can these studies be accuate if they are always in the lab, in real life situations there might me more than just the pornography influencing the reason for such negativity against women. I think there should be a study done of men that have commited sex crimes, asking then if before they commited the attack at what age they had first watched porn. The growth of sexual ideas along with violent porn makes more sense to me that if grown men just started to watch porn with premade sexual identies.
The studies are confusing because there are so many differnt reasons for what seems to be the same set studied.

Yes we talk dirty….
March 8, 2006, 1:19 pm
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As for watching lectures with other I tend not to watch them with anyone else just because of time and work, but my roommate who is also in this class and I talk about what is going on in lecture all the time. We are constantly asking other who are not in this class and don’t have the same background information about what goes on in the porn industry what they think about topics. We even ask out parents if they have seen things or hear of things, like if they saw Deep Throat when it came out. My other friends are also in this class and we do talk about what goes on in lecture especially things that we never heard of or that we were taken back about. There have been some topics that are heated and different views and ideas on the issue were firmly taken by all sides. Since there really is no right or wrong answer we just had to drop the topic. But I think that this extra interaction helps understand the course especially on things that I don’t know or have never heard of.

Sent to the ER for trying new positions
March 8, 2006, 1:18 pm
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Lecture 17 on sexual inculturation I thought was very interesting. The talk about children and how young there are when they first saw pornography is something that I never really thought about. After watching this I asked my friends about how old there were and some were like 8-9 years old. The females were older, but still not by much. And to think about kids now days and they are on the Internet at such younger ages makes me very concerned about the effects of this. This issue I see is that kids are watching adults perform these acts, but are they really seeing that older people are doing it or are they just watching the actions? What if kids see child pornography, they might think that it is ok for them to do it because other kids their age are doing it. Kids watching porn has many issues that are negative, especially young kids who do not know what they are seeing, and the consequences of the actions. The idea that sex sells because people are drawn to it I think is very true even at young ages the curiosity of what things look like in comparison to yours is justification that we are “normal” and children along with adults are looking for that. Porn as education information can be very dangerous, real sex and porn aren’t the same thing and if young kids think this might be more harmful than good. Lecture 18 talks about modeling what you see in porn which can be a good or bad thing given the situation. It can be good you might learn something that you really learn to like. But it can also be bad if you don’t realize that porn is made to be at the edge and it does risky things that people shouldn’t just go home and try. People who are making the porn that is their job this is what overtime they have trained to do, that added experience helps them do things that everyday people shouldn’t try. This is why a large number of people go to the emergency room each year for injuries related to sex, like hurting their back trying new moves! Lecture 16 was about the industry and how porn sells. The porn + ____ to sell things online and in stores goes back to the issue that people are biologically drawn to nakedness and sexuality in this society. Things that taboo draw attention and therefore make people remember the product. I idea that why we can how the industry makes money being import to see how people are engaging in what they are interested in. As usually these issues effects no only the porn industry but all technologies as well.