Why do they call it a moneyshot?
February 22, 2006, 3:46 pm
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In lecture 12 the main issues was the choice that the pornography talent makes. Is it really a choice for these men and mostly women to be in the industry? From the well paid famous people there is the captions that yes they love being in porno films and it is there choice, but what about the people who are not making money off of being in these films. Obviously there is no choice to the people who are in the violent or rape videos, but what about the girls that leave their countries or homes to make porn? Is there really a choice for them? Since so few people really know what the porn industry is like these girls are getting into something that might look like quick money then just getting out of it, when really it is nothing like that. What looks great on the outside is a trap for many of these girls, they have no idea. Is this false advertising of the glamour of porn wrong?
What about the people who are brought into the country as sex slaves? Didn’t we abolish slavery in America? Doesn’t that count sex slaves? So doesn’t that make it an illegal production if slaves are used? The glory of having money allows people to get into these traps of sex slavery. There should be more information available to the general public about the ways of these potential problems. The pornography industry might look great to someone who doesn’t have many other choices. Like in the lecture it is said that women who chose to create porn aren’t the same ones that are enrolled in Harvard. These women who are selling their bodies for money isn’t that prostitution? Again in the lecture it was talked about how you have to address the issues of prostitution and pornography. I personally think that there is nothing wrong with pornography, the same with prostitution, but there are limits to what is acceptable for both. If the people who are performing these acts if it is there choice to do it and if they know what they are getting in to, these are just jobs much like waiting tables or working at McDonalds. True no body wants to do this forever and for sure you are not setting up a 401K or being professional like what society expects but not everyone can do that. Sometimes you do what you have to put money on the table. These are just jobs. Not everyone is going to be given the chance to do great things but society shouldn’t shun them for doing something.
What was new and amazing to me was the difference in pay for gay porn for men. I guess the more I think about it and when I watched the clip again its I can see guys being to macho to admit to having anal sex, even though that doesn’t make them gay. Overall porn is amazing because of what people will do for money. Is that why its called a moneyshot? because of the money it makes, making it hardcore porn?


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