Child safety
February 17, 2006, 12:28 am
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In this weeks lecture there was talk about Hugh Heffner and how with a little bit of cash and good timing he has created a huge empire. The idea that he didn’t even take credit for the first magazine because of the obscenity laws kind of boggles me, Why would you place everything you have on the line just to challenge the fact that you might go to jail? The people who have taken the chances to make money in the new aspects of the porno industry have been come super powers of this business. When you create a website that gets more hits in one day than many do in a week, we should look at what is drawing people to these sites? Is it just the content, the images or is in advertising or other aspects? Is it wrong for people to be lead to a site that they think is sexual in nature by false advertising, and vice versa should there be more blocks when you are looking things up and you get porn sites? There are rules and filters that stop this on some sites, but I don’t think that they work well. I would not want my child on the Internet without supervision. I just read an article on Netscape about the dangers of child pornographers and other people who harm children are using Internet sites like MYSPACE to stalk kids. After watching the lecture about the pornography that I made with cut and paste type are I can understand that they can make child porn with computer images and your child’s head could just be cut and placed on the naked body. To me that is sicker than regular child pornography because there are as many more meditative steps to stuff like that.


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