Should we spell it out…
February 9, 2006, 2:26 am
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In lecture, there was talk about Playboy magazine being compared to Cosmo magazine, and both magazines being pornographic in nature. I was thinking about it, as I was flipping through one of my Cosmo magazines, and though I might not think that its porno I can see, how some do. Playboy is porn because it is visual. Naked people are stimulating. Cosmo on the other hand can be porn because it is very sexual. Being told how to have sex, and step by step how to perform sexual acts is very erotic. It is just different types of porn. Is Cosmo any different from chat room sex where people are telling each other what they are doing or going to do to the other? I do not think so, and when I put it that way I feel that Cosmo can be porn. Cosmo is porn spelled out for you word for word, with only a few pictures of nearly naked people, the goods are not show, at least in the United States version. The European version is more graphic because the culture allows nipples and full breast to be shown without shame.

Armature vs. Pro was also talked about during lecture. Why would professionals want to look like they are armatures? Is there more excitement out of watching armature porn vs. pro? Is watching pro porn supporting the pornography business but armature not, is it really an issue of the consciences of the person watching the video.


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