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February 3, 2006, 11:52 am
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I did not like the Hughes article. I found that the point she was trying to make about women and children in pornography and the bad things that happen got lost in the other data. She should have stuck to just the point of things that happen to these people. Not all women in the pornography industry are raped and hurt; some have chosen to be there. I feel that the article misrepresents the view of women in porn. This is why women do not watch porno because it is all rape and harm to the woman, which I think is untrue. Pornography is a huge business that is not going away, there are bad things that happen to women, and children have no right to be involved in pornography. As I posted on my timeline entry snuffing and squishes are harmful pornography images that are bad, but these things are not mainstream porn either. Fetishes sell on the internet and even though they are bad, will always be there. I agree that things should be done to protect the people who get involved and the unethical practices that are occurring but to say that it is all bad should not happen. Other than advertising what, does the porn industry really have to do with mail-order brides? Many of these things would still exist with or without the internet; it is now that the availability of finding out about these practices is so much greater due to the internet.


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Nice response: clear and thought out. Might draw more on evidence to bolster your position, but a nice starting point.

Comment by Alex Halavais

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