Blast from the past…
February 3, 2006, 10:58 am
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Throughout lecture five and six there was the same theme again, that technology and the effect it has on the internet. Lecture 5 was more about how literature and other form of media have used technology to advance themselves with the addition of pornographic media into what they product and or sell. Books about sex and erotic stories were talked about and the beginning of sexual movies on the big screen. Deep Throat changed porn and who the porn stars were. Porn stars could make money off making these movies now, because of the increase in the market for the films. The idea that pornographic films changed the nature of sex is what was interesting to me. I never really thought about the impact of watching other people have flawless sex would do to someone. The idea that people try to perform up to the level in which they see in porn movies and like everything else, there are people who want to be the porn stars and will do things to become like their “hero”.  Lecture 6 was more about computer sex and the different programs that were used to start porno chats on the internet. After seeing this lecture, I was so surprised that people spent so much time making dirty pictures out of anything possible to exchange. The introduction of the pornographic industry must have freed up the lives of these computer nerds who were taking days to make these images. Overall, I feel that with the early use of computers and the they were so scarce that internet porn was scary in the beginning because it was not just everyday people looking for enjoyment but only a select few looking to “cyber” with anyone out there. Somehow this makes me more uneasy than there being sex everywhere today on the internet. Another big point was that 1995-ish it became more known that women too were watching and enjoying pornographic material and that the gender issue was becoming more open, yet not accepted.


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