1973- Snuff
February 1, 2006, 12:32 am
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In 1973, Snuff movies were first rumored to be made. These are the worst pornographic films made, the woman in the film is killed while she orgasms. Raymond Gauer, the President of an anti-pornography organization talked about the rumor that films of this nature were being made. This horrified the public, due to the face that the last sexual act was murder. The thought of films like this being made also changed the way that pornography was being looked at. Over time there were people who actually tried to make films like this like the couple in Germany, they were jailed for murder when it was found out that they had murdered the female in the film. Rumor has it that these type of films can be found within the ‘in’ crowd for a high price. There has never been evidence of one of these types of films. Another type of snuff video are animal snuff or “squishes” in which animals, hamsters, frogs, chicken, etc. are squished by women wearing high heels. Sometimes the animals are large, cats and dogs can be used.

Death in porn is not new. There is a horrible foreign video “Necros Pedo”, in which the children are raped and beaten until they die.


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