Ohh to the strip clubs we go….
January 28, 2006, 1:47 am
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While reading other blogs i can across a couple on strip clubs. This one shared many of the same views as I do about the adventures of going to the strip club. I don’t see strip clubs as bad things until the one loses the realization of what really is going on at the club. If guys or girls are going out with friends to the strip clubs and it is for fun, then there is nothing wrong with it, if you go everynight and think the stripper are in love with you then there is a problem. This real life porno is taking control of your life. As for porno and its involvment in a relationship there should be trust between the partners so that these erotic encounters are for fun and not because of cheating or anything like that. Guys like visual stimulation but actually having you as their girlfriend should be more important, and if its not then your relationship has more issues than just porno.


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[…] This Blog post is in reply to all the Blog entries I have seen about Srippers and Stip clubs. I Chose to comment on this topic because I think its a very interesting and debatable topic. I have heard both sides argued by both males and females. And like many of you have stated its basically a trust issue. Relationships can withstand pretty much any obstacle as long as there is a strong trust base to the relationship. If you can trust your partner to go to a stip club and trust that they will go for purely visual stimulation then all the power to you. But for many this is a very difficult thing to do. To trust a partner or significant other to go to a place that is widley known for good looking scantily clad memebers of the opposite sex dancing around is a very hard thing for many people to deal with. Expecially with stories circulating of strippers having sex or performing sexual favors on paying customers. If you or your is not comfortable with something, it is probably wise to set boundries and limitations. On the other hand i have heard of girls who will go along with their boyfreind to a strip club and have an awsome time. For many going as a couple can be an equally entertaining experiance. Once again boundaries should most likely be established, so you do not make your partner uncomfortable or awkward. […]

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