Lecture thoughts
January 23, 2006, 1:27 am
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In the lectures about the first week of class, there was a lot of information that did not really deal with the class material. However, the material that was cover like the one for example about the video of the kiss and how that was an important break through for that time, I think was good because it made me think. I thought about how different things are now to what they were back then and then again about the changes that are different with just me and my parents and how generations reactions to material of sexual nature are different. To me this was a good way to start because it put my very casual relaxed nature in to perspective of other’s points of view. This also occurred when I visited the site http://www.rape.tv because of the things that I saw. On that site, my very relaxed thoughts on pornography were challenged to see it from the angle of another person. A person who has been attacked or even someone in the family of that person, therefore I can start to see where pornography can lead someone to act differently than they normally would. When talking about culture and the influence that it has on the porno that our society looks at and even will accept I was a bit taken back when American porn was less intense and harsh then porn that can be found in other cultures. If we live in the land of the free where we have everything, and we want the best of everything than why is our porn not the same? Are we really behind when our society and culture venture into talking about and accepting sex and sexual acts? Why do we place such stigma on these things? Wouldn’t there be less drama about it if it were more accepted? I am sure we will talk more about these things as the class moves on.


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