Ohh to the strip clubs we go….
January 28, 2006, 1:47 am
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While reading other blogs i can across a couple on strip clubs. This one shared many of the same views as I do about the adventures of going to the strip club. I don’t see strip clubs as bad things until the one loses the realization of what really is going on at the club. If guys or girls are going out with friends to the strip clubs and it is for fun, then there is nothing wrong with it, if you go everynight and think the stripper are in love with you then there is a problem. This real life porno is taking control of your life. As for porno and its involvment in a relationship there should be trust between the partners so that these erotic encounters are for fun and not because of cheating or anything like that. Guys like visual stimulation but actually having you as their girlfriend should be more important, and if its not then your relationship has more issues than just porno.


Its all art..right?
January 27, 2006, 6:24 am
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Technology is a leading factor in pornography. Between the lecture and reading, there are many different ideas that develop along with the technology at the time. The reading talks about the ways in which the pornographic environment of different time periods changes and develops with the technology at the time. The VCR seems to be a major influence on the business aspect of pornography. This is because of the increasing video sales. That opened up the viewing of these videos to private places because of the societies shame that watching porn subjects people to. The porn business has a large impact on sale of videos and equipment. The money made in this business is taboo and in many companies, it is untold as to how revenue from these videos was made. Why is cooperate America so embarrassed or ashamed of the growth of this business? We are so embarrassed by it that professional cannot even declare it for monetary purposes. Society keeps the talk about this business under very low key, in the lecture, there is also talk about the shame that society place on porn and those who buy and sell it. The different ways that different cultures express sexual erotica art and designs over time is also talked about in the lecture. People are sexual beings, as seen this is a long developed human characteristic. Society is suppressing these human thoughts because it says it is wrong to desire or like images of pornography. It gives porno a bad name. Are the ideas that society is pressing on every one of us healthy? Alternatively, are they causing more harm then the pornography itself causes. It does not matter the culture because in the lecture the many was ashamed to buy the book and wanted to burn it, same as we are told not to look at pornography that is not accepted or called art. In the lecture there is talk about pornography and the statue of the over weight woman that comes from the hunting and gathering tribe in Africa. She is very fat unlike the characteristics of women in that area. Do you think that she is the fantasy of the men in that culture, much like now days when the women are bigger and men want the thin models like our pornography? Is this sculpture just something the men have created but cannot really have in life? There are both positives and negative ideas on pornography all over the world. In the end technology leads to improvements in the ways that these different forms of art can be created and or released to the public… that is an important role for technology.

Porn or Not Porn.. That is the Question?
January 25, 2006, 3:47 pm
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What constitutes pornography? Why are there so many different views on this subject matter? Throughout the lecture, there was talk about the history of pornography and how it is or should be defined. I think that this is a very important part of the class. These definitions are what we are going to base all the rest of out thoughts on. If we were working in a marketing agency, you would need to know this for what is appropriate to place in your ads, the same as what is correct to place in schools if you were an educator. This is not as easy as picking up a dictionary and looking up the meaning, you have to know both your cultural and societal expectations of pornography. Everyone has a different view of what is porn, and this is based on many different things. Just talking to my friends who are of the same age and for the most part the same economic status, we still have different views based on religion and the different places that we grew up. From the lecture I think that the three question of where, to whom and the context (if any) should each of these things be thought of first before showing items that could be seen as sexual in any matter. The media now a day is more relaxed about certain types of nudity and showing things that are sexual in nature. I think this is because our culture is becoming more accepting to sexual experiences and talking about it publicly especially after the Bill Clinton incident in the White House. I think that having to explain what happened and then all the media talking about it changed how we look at sex.

Lecture thoughts
January 23, 2006, 1:27 am
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In the lectures about the first week of class, there was a lot of information that did not really deal with the class material. However, the material that was cover like the one for example about the video of the kiss and how that was an important break through for that time, I think was good because it made me think. I thought about how different things are now to what they were back then and then again about the changes that are different with just me and my parents and how generations reactions to material of sexual nature are different. To me this was a good way to start because it put my very casual relaxed nature in to perspective of other’s points of view. This also occurred when I visited the site http://www.rape.tv because of the things that I saw. On that site, my very relaxed thoughts on pornography were challenged to see it from the angle of another person. A person who has been attacked or even someone in the family of that person, therefore I can start to see where pornography can lead someone to act differently than they normally would. When talking about culture and the influence that it has on the porno that our society looks at and even will accept I was a bit taken back when American porn was less intense and harsh then porn that can be found in other cultures. If we live in the land of the free where we have everything, and we want the best of everything than why is our porn not the same? Are we really behind when our society and culture venture into talking about and accepting sex and sexual acts? Why do we place such stigma on these things? Wouldn’t there be less drama about it if it were more accepted? I am sure we will talk more about these things as the class moves on.

A little About Me
January 22, 2006, 11:33 pm
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Hi, my name is Morgan. This is the first time that I have every bogged before so sorry in advance for any errors on my behalf. I have taken a couple of online classes in my four years at UB, so I am excited about this course. I like the freedoms that online courses give you. I wanted to take this class because of the controversies that pornography in general causes. I wanted to see how we were going to learn about the effects that it has on media and people. I really just wanted to see how the course was going to run. What kind of discussions that this class could bring up on topics that normally would not be correct for school settings I think it will be very interesting. I welcome the exploration of this topic and all the things that are going to be gained from this course. If nothing else, I just hope to be able to open up to the many different ideas and things that are out there that I do not know about. I also think that this will be very helpful to become more comfortable on topics that people are sometimes embarrassed to talk about, especially being a nurse I feel that this will help me be more educated on others views of things.