don’t look at me…
April 27, 2006, 2:17 pm
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I can’t believe that privacy is not a right! After watching those lectures I will now think twice about where I stay. It really suprises me that there are not more cases about people who violate others privacy. I guess this is because privacy is not easily definited much like pornography. The more I think about it the more that this is probably the reason there are not as many lawsuits, because when someone realizes that they have been violated its lewd or obscene in which they can be charged for that. This topic is so complicated for what seems to be a simple concept. So how do you know if you privacy is broken? I think of privacy and pornography all the time when we talk about putting internet filters on computers, becauses if you want a system to show what your children are looking at then there is no way they are going to stop tracking what you are looking at? How far does your privacy go? If the government gets all these people for looking at child pornography then they are watching what you are looking at? So do you even have any privacy on the Internet?


talk to your kids.. please..
April 26, 2006, 7:09 pm
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After reading the article for this week, I agree with the different points that were made, I think that protecting children on the Internet is important, but it cannot be left up to one person or one way to solve the problem. The interaction of both partents, and government regulations should provide a more effective way with dealing with this issue. Parents talking to thier children about what they are looking for when they are online and what they might expect when they are searching the internet is very important to the safety of the child. No parent would leave their seven year old alone in New York City telling them feel free to look and go where you please, the inthernet is the same thing. It’s a world within itself. There is no knowing what you will experience when you get out there.
The website for this week on website regulations I think is a great idea, why not use them its not taking away from who is looking at the information its just informing the viewer of what they are about to see. This works with movies, nobody is saying that kids don’t get into R rated films, but if they do they know there are consequense to their actions. This fear of what will happen if the parents find out that might keep some kids from being on these type of sites to start with. The more parental interaction the more kids will know, if I could openly talk to my parents about a topic why would I sneak and look it up knowing that I might get into trouble. If your parents are open to talking about things why would you need to go to these sites.

I showed her my #### and went to jail…
April 19, 2006, 2:01 pm
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After reading this week, and searching the net, and watching lectures I still have a question about child pornography. Is it still child pornography if two six year old are exchanging pictures or dirty talk on the internet? Other can get at this material, and neither one is sure the other is six years old, would this be porno? Or what if 6 year olds have sex, not porno? But if it was taped and sold would it be porn? Is this because there are adults that are involved? I am unsure about where the line would be crossed here, are they experimental children or are they unknowingly commiting a crime? Now days with children having open use to the Internet and they are very smart at using the different features on computers children can easily make videos and send them online, and who knows what little kids can get into when they are in the ages where they don’t understand how things work, or just interested in what others look like?

other sex blogs
April 19, 2006, 11:19 am
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{ http://blacknbluebamboo.blogspot.com/ } Is one of the blogs that I went on looking for what other write about sex online. This is a sex site but what I found interesting was not the content, which it is a fetish site talks about all the different things that each person does but what comments are made. To me the comments that were made by others made this really like a little community that we talked about in class. These people are sharing things with others that normally you wouldn’t. In turn each comment is welcoming and they talk like they know each other, they is no judgment about what each is doing, they are supportive and offer advice to each other to make their sexual adventures more exciting and better! There were other sites that I visited that seemed to be more of a joke, just posting pictures and having other make lewd comments on what was seen, but this site seemed to be more real and the people talked like they knew each other. Discussions were open and detailed but in some was respected of not pressing for more, or making it seem dirty. I guess after seeing this site I better understand that sexual fetishes are not harmful and I better understand what was being talked about when Internet communities can be built on common interests unlike in every day life.

Mr. Lucas Questions…
April 19, 2006, 10:45 am
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In the article Mr. Lucas talks about “gay porn serves as a necessary outlet” for fantasy. But in the same article he talks about how there is no healthy gay media, and on the blog he talks many times about gay media and hypocrisy. So I guess I would have to question why gay porno is the way to express their fantasies? Unless he is only talking about the entertainment in which is he is producing? But much like straight porn he is just one site that is good and positive and many more that are negative. Supporting that porno should be used as an outlet, can it still be done looking at gay pornography as a whole?

On the blog there are many entries that involve the Danish cartoons and the Muslim violence, and many of the comments that are made are opinions of Mr. Lucas. This semester I took Terror and Terrorism at UB and we talked with much detail about these cartoons, and in combination with this class these entries are a little irratating.
Understandably everyone has their own opinions and that’s great, but when Mr. Lucas talks about how the muslims should not stand up for that they believe in and the violence that is caused because someone disrepected them I this is hypocritical. If Muslims should sit back and go main stream and not react to these comments, then my should homosexuals not set back and not fight for their cause? If anything means that much to you, you will fight for it, how can you not? I guess my question would be how can you justify this? The cause are different, but both are groups that are oppressed in ways that they should be free, should be able to express themselves without having judgement against them? How can this be correct for one but not for the other?

I wanna be a kid for just a little bit longer…
April 14, 2006, 7:34 pm
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In the article that was assigned as reading this week, there was an excerpt from the James Gleick article that talks about obscenity being what isn’t liked by the community, using rules from the Miller Test, but not in the idea of Internet Porn. He talked about violence and guns and when average community people are reading magazines and newspapers things that are being reported can also be seen as obscene, but that is allowed. I think information and the way that may violent crimes get so much attention makes people become copy cats and repeat the offense. Addressing this is as important as addressing the illegal issues of child pornography. The article talks about how to stop child pornography, as does the congressional hearing where the senators talk about the Bluebook or book of child pornography which is the described as the most disturbing and messed up things that looked more like child abuse. The Congressional hearing seems optimistic about having enough funding and ways to attack the war on child pornography. The main thing that seemed to be problematic for stopping child from seeing porno on the Internet and Internet porno is that many times it is made overseas.
Many of the pornography services are offered from overseas and without treaties with other countries there is no way to stop or tame these actions. The Congressional hearing talks about overseas treaties that are being worked on to curb child pornography. There are many different issues that have to be addressed in order to lessen the ways that pornography is available. There is no way of banning pornography without killing the Internet as talked about in this weeks reading, but there are ways of safe guarding against children being able to get a hold of these material. There must be better regulations and controls other than trust that only adults are entering the sites.
All these different things need to be addressed to save and protect the rights of adults all the while protecting the innocence and specialness of childhood that should not be taken away from children through the Internet and pornography.

OH no you didn’t place the porn shop next to the school…
April 14, 2006, 7:10 pm
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Indecency, the child of obsenity. In this lecture I was suprised that zoning laws cannot be used to keep businesses out of areas that do not want them. I think that there should be rules against putting a porn shop next to a school, there is something wrong with that. School is where children are forced to go, Porn shops might be a problem because of the people that are drawn to it, this might place children in danger. This is different than a bar or other establishment that might be open more at night than durning the day. Zoning should be used to keep people safe. The risks with many children in one place vs. having a porn shop next to your house is different, there are less people effected and what are the changes that something bad is going to happend. Time, place and mannor are all issues that are talked about in both the lecture, congressional hearing and also in the reading. This is important because of first amendment rights. Free speech of the first amendment is important, it is like zoning where its written in the rules that it can’t be taken away. Limiting adults to only expressions of interest that are legal to only the levels that are okay for children is withholding thier first amendment rights.